blog-template_09We’d like to thank you for stopping by the website and blog of the Law Offices of Craig S. Sossaman. This is where we’ll discuss the type of personal injury cases we handle, as well as interesting facts about the law and what to do when you find yourself in certain legal situations. Anything you find in these blogs should not be considered legal advice, but the topics and points mentioned could bring to mind aspects of a case that you should bring up with your personal injury attorney.

If you’re only familiar with personal injury lawyers from 30-second commercials, you might not know exactly when someone needs to call one and what they can help with. Here are a few indications that someone in an car accident might need a personal injury attorney, but it applies to someone who is involved in any sort of injury due to other people’s negligence.

blog-template_03Severe Injuries

If you have been in a fender bender, it’s a good idea to head to the doctor to get yourself checked out even if you feel fine. If your doctor verifies you have no injuries, it’s likely that you can simply go through the normal insurance process to have the faulted party’s insurance billed.

But if you’ve suffered sever injuries that have caused you to go to urgent care or the emergency room, it’s very likely that you should contact a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. The cost of your injuries needs  to be taken care of, because you’re about to experience a great deal of…

blog-template_05Medical Bills

Having extensive medical bills can ruin people’s lives. The moment you get in an accident and are injured, you’re already looking at many thousands of dollars in bills. If an ambulance and an overnight stay in the emergency room are involved, that becomes tens of thousands, and long stays in a hospital can multiply that number exponentially. You need someone like a auto accident lawyer who can make sure that insurance company will not try to wiggle out of paying for you medical bills.

blog-template_06Loss of Wages

Time spent in the hospital means you can’t work, and lost work means lost wages. Even if you have disability coverage, it’s unlikely it will kick in immediately, and even then you’re seldom receiving the equivalent of your full pay. The accident wasn’t your fault, so why should you have to lose out on your wages? Simply put, you shouldn’t. A personal injury lawyer can help you secure the funds to get make up for lost wages.

Permanent Injury

Long-term and permanent injuries are one of the saddest aspects of working with our clients. Such injuries can affect people for years or decades, and living with them and the medical bills they bring can cause extensive financial problems that someone has to deal with. A personal injury attorney can help you ensure that the correct party is paying for them.

Why should you call a personal injury attorney quickly? Because insurance companies are going to do everything they can to ensure they don’t have to pay, and it’s important that have someone on your side as early in the process as possible so that the proper information can be collected and logged.